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Top Five Reasons to Love Breast Thermography

Posted on 01 May 2017 by Douglas Merrow

Radiant Body Thermography, located in northwest Portland, suggests five reasons to love breast thermography.

  1. Detects Inflammatory Breast Cancer, a fast-growing, lethal cancer possessing a heat signature not seen with mammography.
  2. No compression! Thermography scans are performed with a “no contact” camera that detects detailed heat patterns. Mammography uses 44 pounds of pressure; it takes only 22 pounds of pressure to burst the capsule of a tumor.
  3. No radiation! Thermography is safe, capturing the heat the body emits with a lens; nothing is “beamed” into the body. Radiant Body Thermography learned in 2005, in the seventh Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation report by the National Academies of Science that even low levels of non-ionizing radiation (used in mammograms) are “known human carcinogens” with “no known safe levels.”
  4. Extra information. Imbalances such as rapid cell growth, thyroid dysfunction and estrogen dominance have unique “signatures” that can be detectable in a breast scan.
  5. An ally in avoiding unnecessary biopsies and over-treatment. Thermography offers a safe, non-invasive procedure that is a valuable adjunct in determining whether a lesion is benign (statistically “cool”) or malignant (statistically “hot”). By ignoring or excluding information about a lesion’s “thermal signature”, aggressive treatment is more easily justified and employed by a profit-driven medical system.
    “Love your lumps and know their thermal signatures before justifying aggressive, invasive testing and treatment,” suggests Candace Parmer, certified clinical thermographer in Portland’s Pearl District. She adds, “Most lumps I scan have cool signatures.”

Radiant Body Thermography, 1314 NW Irving St., Portland. For more information, call 503-775-1812 or visit

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Locally Sourced and Produced Raw Diet for Dogs

Posted on 01 May 2017 by Douglas Merrow

We all know that eating wholesome food is healthy for humans—but what about other animals?
To answer this question, renowned food blogger Rodney Habib visited Finnish scientists who were conducting a study on more than 8,000 dogs to determine the effects of a raw diet. The scientists discovered that both methionine and homocysteine (acids found in dog kibble) are linked to cancer in dogs. During the study, they found that when a dog was kibble-fed but switched to an all-raw diet, the levels of both dangerous acids were lowered. Additionally, the researchers saw health improvements when as little as 20 percent of a raw fresh diet was added to a regular diet.
Nutritional specialist Dr. Cheryl Morris formulated the unique balanced Meat & Bones raw blend that any dog will love eating and dog owners will love feeding, with confidence. Meat & Bones suggests trying their four-pound package first, if in doubt. Meat & Bones never uses synthetics in their food and they share all ingredients with consumers. Everything is locally sourced and produced in Portland.

For more information, visit

To learn more, follow Rodney Habib on facebook at to watch a video with Dr. Moore and Dr. Anna Hielm Borkman, from Finland, who conducted the research.

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Wellspring Offers Women’s Wellness Series

Posted on 01 May 2017 by Douglas Merrow

The Wellspring School for Healing Arts, in northeast Portland, is offering a Women’s Wellness series for individuals and health care practitioners looking to further their understanding of women’s health.
Series topics include: Healthy Menstruation on May 2 from 6 to 8:30 p.m.; Irregular, Painful Cycles & PMS on May 24 from 5:30 to 8 p.m.; Fibroids, Endo & PCOS on May 30 from 6 to 8 p.m.; and Navigating Peri/Menopause on June 20 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Cost for each class is $45; discounts are available (see website).
The classes in the series can be taken individually. However, it is highly recommended taking the Healthy Menstruation class first, as this lays the foundation for the other classes in the series.

For more information, call 503-688-1482 or visit to register.

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Celestial Seeds Offers New Copper Product

Posted on 01 May 2017 by Douglas Merrow


The folks at CBD LOVE are at it again with a new product, Copper LOVE. Many people may not be aware of the benefits of colloids, or may have only heard about Colloidal Silver, which has been widely available. According to Celestial Seeds cofounder Thom, while colloidal silver has antibiotic and antiseptic properties, colloidal copper has many beneficial functions most people have never explored.
Dr. Werner Hangarter, a German physian, first noticed in 1939 that copper miners wouldn’t get arthritis until they retired. Working at the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center in 1973, Dr. L.M. Klevay reported he had found a relationship between copper and cholesterol and also theorized that copper deficiency was a contributing factor in coronary heart disease. Famed psychic Edgar Cayce said that copper balances the emotions and aligns the mental state with a spiritual nature. More information is available at

Copper LOVE, Coloidal LOVE, and CBD LOVE are available at Receive a 10 percent discount when you include the code in this month’s ad in Natural Awakenings.

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Finding Inner Peace: Babaji Brings Meditation and Discourse to Portland

Posted on 24 April 2017 by Douglas Merrow

Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi, who is recognized as one of the great self realized yogis of our era, will be visiting the Portland area April 28 through May 7 to conduct a series of free meditation classes and answer questions on meditation, self-realization and finding inner peace.
It is a special event and rare opportunity to learn from an accomplished Yogi. Portland will host evening programs with Babaji from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on April 28 at New Renaissance Bookshop and 7 to 9:30 p.m. on April 29 at Yoga Shala Wellness. From 7 to 9:30 p.m. on April 30, he will appear at Yoga Samadhi in White Salmon, Washington.
For those who would like to expand their meditation practice and deepen their experience, a three-day meditation intensive will be offered May 5 through 7 through the Columbia Gorge Meditation Retreat, in Stevenson, Washington. Participants can attend all or any portion of the intensive. Programs are suitable for beginner to advanced meditators.
The core of Baba’s teaching is, “People are suffering because they have forgotten the liberating truth of who they are. Among the thousands of thoughts that appear in our busy mind each day, there is one thing that is not a thought—our consciousness of existing. The silent witness to the mind is the true self. Without direct experience of this higher reality, it is not possible to stop suffering. By silencing the mind with meditation, we come face-to-face with the truth of existence, a state of consciousness in which supreme peace is the reality.”


Cost: Free; donations appreciated. Locations: New Renaissance Bookshop, 1338 NW 23rd Ave., Portland; Yoga Shala Wellness, 3808 N. Williams Ave., Portland; Yoga Samadhi, 177 W. Jewett Blvd., White Salmon. For information or to register for meditation intensive, call 503-297-3928, email or visit See ad, page xx

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Reset, Rejuvenate, Revive

Posted on 05 February 2017 by Douglas Merrow

Spring is the beginning of the fiscal year for nature and for our body. If we move in concert with nature, then our body will be ready to bloom in spring and let go of the toxins that could affect our emotions, mental clarity and immune system.

The Art of Digestion will be conducting a Spring Cleanse and Rejuvenation Series in March at New Renaissance Bookshop, in northwest Portland. This 12-day cleanse is about eating, moving and adjusting one’s life to give our body the support it needs during this critical seasonal juncture. Time tested protocols and recipes from the ancient system of Ayurveda will be used to support balance and health in the body. Daily cleansing and detoxification protocols, focused breath work, yoga for detoxification, plus group and individual support are included.

Cost for all three classes plus handouts is $180, and pre-registration is required. The Spring Cleanse and Rejuvenation Series will take place March 14, 21 and 28 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Location: New Renaissance Bookshop Events Center, 1338 NW 23rd Avenue, Portland. For more information, contact or visit

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Create Plenty: Stories to Change the Future

Posted on 04 February 2017 by Douglas Merrow

The future might not be a disaster—if we start telling the right stories about it . . . right now! That’s the premise of a short-story competition sponsored by Create Plenty, a Portland-area organization that trains young people in climate literacy and leadership.

Understanding the power of the story to make sense of what’s happening around us, Create Plenty came up with a powerful proposition: “The future might not be a disaster if we have the right stories to direct us. Your short story about a household living in a positive and possible future has a chance at cash prizes, publication, and influence over what the future may bring.”

Winners in both the Youth and Adult categories will win $250, four runners up will be awarded $50 each, and 20 authors will have their stories published. Submission deadline is February 28. For more information including guidelines, suggestions and information about how to submit stories, visit

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temple medicine image

Temple Healing Offers Heal the Healer Discounts in February

Posted on 04 February 2017 by Douglas Merrow

temple medicine imageTemple Medicine Healing is a Portland based center founded on nursing, clairvoyance, mediumship and vibrational living. During the month of February, Temple Healing is offering half price energy sessions to healers, teachers and health care practitioners. This is part of a Heal the Healer Campaign.

There is a reason that Temple Medicine Healing was voted as a favorite New Business by Natural Awakenings magazine readers in 2016. According to clinical director, Amy Kimmick, BSN, RN, “Energy Work is gaining traction as an adjunctive therapy, and is less clandestine than ever.” This work employs the mind-body connection to build a  rhythm of awareness and healing. This framework asserts that each person has an energy body which overlays the physical, and when stress, pain or trauma occurs, there is simultaneously a consolidation in the energy body.

“We all count on the body to heal itself mostly, and I use that to facilitate healing,” says Kimmick. She affirms that her work is twofold: to help people heal themselves and to support the healers and educators of our time. Kimmick adds, “The beautiful bellwether of this work is that it is guided by our soul.”

Sessions can be done in their shop at 1716 NE 42nd Ave., Portland, or over the phone 503-421-2075. Visit to book online. (If you are not a healer, teacher or health care practitioner, still mention this article for a discount.)

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Diabetics Improve Using Sesame and Rice Bran Oils

Posted on 01 October 2016 by Jason

bran-oilsResearch published in the American Journal of Medicine found that treating people with a blend of cold-pressed sesame oil and rice bran oil significantly normalizes blood glucose levels. Testing involved 400 men and women for eight weeks, including 300 that had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, by replacing cooking oils in their diet with a blend of sesame and rice bran oil.

The researchers, from Japan’s Fukuoka University and India’s Council of Medical Research, divided the patients into four groups. For two months, 100 healthy people and 100 Type 2 diabetes patients replaced their cooking oils with the sesame/rice bran blend, another 100
Type 2 diabetes patients were treated with five milligrams per day of the diabetes drug glibenclamide (glynase in the U.S.) and the remaining 100 Type 2 diabetes patients were treated with a combination of the same dosage of glibenclamide, along with consuming the sesame/rice bran oil blend over the two-month period.

After four weeks and eight weeks, the researchers found the diabetes
patients that consumed the oil blend had significant reductions in fasting and post-meal blood glucose levels. They also had lower levels of glycated hemoglobin, triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) and improved high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (“good” cholesterol). Those treated with the diabetes drug without consuming the oil blend showed none of the same improvements.

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What to Expect After a Minor Auto Accident

Posted on 01 October 2016 by Jason

accidentIn 2011, there were nearly 4,000 auto accidents in Clark County, resulting in almost 2,000 minor injuries. Even the slightest tap on the bumper can cause problems for drivers and passengers.

From the impact, muscle tissue has been unexpectedly shifted; muscles have been overstretched causing micro tears, bringing inflammation and swelling. Symptoms can be made worse by knowing that we are about to be hit. We tighten our grip on the steering wheel, get heavy on the brake and brace for impact; the nervous system is activated and muscles tense up in anticipation.

When swelling and inflammation increase, the nerves surrounding the
muscles become irritated which signals the brain to protect the area. The nervous system takes over, causing the muscles to contract to further protect the damaged muscle tissue which then causes pain and discomfort.

Depending on placement, speed and position of the body at impact, most people will not feel the effects (pain, inflammation, swelling) for up to 2 to 24 hours afterwards or even, to some extent, days later.

The most common areas injured in minor accidents are the neck (whiplash), shoulders, back and hips. If an individual starts feeling sensitivity and pain, they should seek treatment as soon as possible. A medical massage therapist can provide rehabilitative services that are covered under one’s auto insurance PIP coverage. If injuries are not properly rehabilitated, the scar tissue that forms can cause problems in the future.

Medical massage can help reduce muscle tension/trigger points, inflammation, swelling and headaches. It can also help reduce anxiety, increase blood flow and circulation of affected areas, and increase pain-free range of motion throughout the entire body for long periods of time. Best of all, medical massage can strengthen weak, inhibited muscles while stretching tight, facilitated muscles.

It’s important to listen to one’s body and not delay in receiving treatment. Contact a doctor, whether a chiropractor or medical, and ask for a referral to receive medical massage to help with injuries incurred.

Source: Sue Stokman of Body in Motion Massage Therapy,
Vancouver, WA.

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