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New Lavender-infused Mattress for Better Sleep

Posted on 25 October 2011 by Jason

Italian bedding designer Magniflex, manufacturer of the world’s most luxurious, environmentally-friendly sleep products, introduces the new Dolce Vita Lavender aromatherapy mattress, which brings the holistic benefits of the essential oil of lavender to bedding.
“Europeans have long embraced homeopathy and the use of medicinal plants ‑ the original source of modern medicine ‑ for health and wellness,” said Marco Magni, global sales director for Magniflex. “Lavender is widely accepted for its soothing, natural sedative and antibacterial properties, and has the ability to contribute to a better night’s rest.”
The Dolce Vita Lavender mattress, the newest addition to Magniflex’s GeoEthic line, features a removable cover infused with essential oils of lavender to contribute to deep, relaxing sleep. Using nanotechnology, millions of microcapsules of lavender are infused into the mattress’ covering fabric. Upon contact with body pressure, some of the microcapsules break, releasing the pleasing natural aroma of lavender to encourage relaxation.
Under the aromatherapy covering is a high performance Memory Magni foam core, the company’s water-based, open-cell memory foam. This breathable orthopedic foam material has a dense composition to properly support the head, neck and spine. The two-sided, 10-inch mattress also features a soft feel on one side and a firmer feel on the reverse.
The zippered cover for the Dolce Vita Lavender mattress can be easily removed for laundering. The materials for the mattress are certified by Oeko-Tex to guarantee the absence of allergenic substances harmful to consumers and to the environment.

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Green Saturday at Portland Saturday Market

Posted on 25 October 2011 by Jason

November means different things to different people. Some look forward to family gatherings and Thanksgiving turkey with all its trimmings. Some begin a slow descent into that eggnog-soaked, mistletoe-trimmed chaos known as the holiday season. For a few brave souls, November means one thing: Black Friday. While Saturday Market respects their wherewithal, they present another more user-friendly option: Green Saturday.
Think of Green Saturday as an alternative to the traditional holiday shopping frenzy, an alternative which allows shoppers to buy locally-produced, eco-friendly gifts from the hands of the artists and designers who made them. This season, the Market is chock full of artists who can give you a story to go along with that bowl, sculpture, or hat.
What’s more, Green Saturday is a day to reflect on the abundance of beauty we are lucky enough to share in the Pacific Northwest; and buying locally-made, eco-friendly gifts, is just one more way to preserve that. Check out the cute garden accents at Comic Art (roving) where repurposed tea cups and plates become avian cafes that add color and personality to your yard. After that, step over to Experienced Materials – booth #343 ( and check out Gina Nash’s remarkable art panels, sconces and lamps made from recycled steel. But Nash also makes something that is bound to make the City of Portland rather happy: a very pretty, very practical rain barrel. The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability recommends that homeowners explore the option of rainwater collection as means to preserve the water supply and reduce storm water runoff pollution. Nash is all for that but does it with style.
And speaking of style, wander over to Revolution of the Heart – booth #418 ( where artist Kimberley Hill loves creating handmade contemporary handbags and accessories using unique and vintage fabrics.
So, put down the ads, pour yourself a cup of coffee (in a reusable mug) and head to the Market instead of the mall. Meet some artists, hear a story or two and pick up some unique treasures. You can resume your usual madness on Cyber Monday.

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Cotton Cloud Futons: Making Natural Affordable

Posted on 25 October 2011 by Jason

Terri Treat has been handcrafting futons for over 30 years and her business, Cotton Cloud Futons, is now one of the only Portland businesses that manufacture their own futon mattresses. The recent acquisition of a turn-of-the-century mill has allowed Cotton Cloud to expand the products they can make, and the local jobs they can provide. The mill was moved into a Northwest Portland warehouse, rebuilt from the ground up, and a local crew was trained. They can now run their own cotton and wool batting, and have started their own line of natural bedding called Sleepy Sheep Organics.
Making natural beds and bedding affordable is one of the main goals for Treat and her business. She believes strongly that the ability to sleep in a non-toxic environment should be a reasonable option for everyone. To that end, all the products offered are made as simply as possible without sacrificing function, quality or aesthetic. The organic latex mattresses are a 6” latex core wrapped in a quilted wool or cotton cover – no bulk or cost added with fillers – and the pillows are blown by hand into organic cotton shells.
Cotton Cloud and Sleepy Sheep products are available in the store and online, and the knowledgeable sales staff are available by phone, email and in person to answer your questions.

Cotton Cloud Futons and Sleepy Sheep Organics can be found in the retail shop at 701 NE Broadway or online at, 503.335.0758


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New Edition of Chinook Book Available Now

Posted on 25 October 2011 by Jason

The 2012 edition of Chinook Book is here and it’s got everything we love about Portland. Inside you’ll find over 400 offers from the best green and local businesses, including old favorites like New Seasons, Whole Foods and Hot Lips Pizza as well as newcomers like Ned Ludd and Umpqua Bank.
Chinook Book is available in print and on iPhone. Their new app for Android is coming this fall.

Preview all of this year’s merchants and offers ‑ and how to get them ‑ at


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