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Steve Gorn and Benjy Wertheimer in Concert

Posted on 24 January 2012 by Jason

Dive into the sacred ocean
of raga with Steve Gorn on bansuri flute and Benjy Wertheimer on esraj
and tabla. Friday, March 9. 7:30 pm. $15 in advance, $20 at the door.
The Movement Center. 1021 NE 33rd Avenue, Portland.

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Emotional Eating by Elisabeth Dunham

Posted on 17 January 2012 by Jason

For many of us the holidays can trigger a wide range of emotions, both positive and negative. It’s not uncommon for many of us to gain five pounds due to the presence of tempting Christmas cookies and other fattening treats. But proximity to sweets is only part of the problem. Often, we reach for food to bring comfort and stability during this high-stress season. Sherri Sacconaghi is a Certified Health Coach and fitness trainer who focuses much of her work on helping people change their relationship to food. We sat down with her to ask her some questions about emotional eating during the holidays and how to make changes.

Q. What exactly is emotional eating?

The way I think about it, there are two categories of food: secondary and primary. Secondary food is the food we eat to nourish our body. Primary foods are the things we do to nourish our soul, fulfill ourselves and make us happy. They include close relationships, a satisfying career, exercise and a strong spiritual practice. When something is lacking in our primary food, we often turn to secondary food to fill the void. We start eating not because we are hungry but because we are using food to comfort ourselves, keep us company and relieve stress.

Q. What are common triggers?

A trigger is different for every person but most triggers will fall into a main primary food category. A person who is not in a satisfying relationship may turn to food for comfort or company. Someone who is in an unsatisfying career may turn to food because they are bored or not fulfilling their creative side. Exercise boosts the happy hormone in our brain and we feel energetic and alive. When someone does not exercise, they reach for sugar to achieve that high. The holidays bring up many emotions. People put pressure on themselves to buy the perfect gifts, perhaps leaving them financially strapped. Sadness over the loss of loved ones can be especially heightened during the holidays. When these emotions are not addressed or acknowledged, we sometimes stuff them down with food so we do not have to deal with them.

Q. What are the main strategies for changing this behavior?

The most important thing you can do is start making the connection between your feelings and the reasons you eat. The most powerful way to do this is start journaling. This takes practice. It means you have to become more aware of your hand going into the bag of chips. When you find yourself reaching mindlessly for food, ask yourself these questions: “Am I really hungry? How am I feeling right now? What is bothering me?” You may wind up eating the bag of chips anyway. But the connection still needs to be made.

Once you are able to recognize the real reason you want to eat a whole pie, you will learn to stop yourself and turn towards a more fulfilling activity. It’s a good idea to make a list of the things you really enjoy doing. Big things and little things. You might include reading a book, taking a walk, gardening, calling a friend. Post this list where you can see it. When you feel yourself reaching for food for emotional reasons, stop and choose something from your list instead.

Q. Many people want a quick fix such as an over-the-counter diet drug or a supplement. What do you think of this strategy?

A drug or a supplement may offer a quick fix by helping suppress your appetite and helping you lose five pounds. But they will not help you make lasting changes. Lasting changes come when you dig deep and address what is dissatisfying in your life. It’s better to make changes to fill yourself up with people and activities that make you happy and start enjoying food for the nourishment it provides.

Q. How frequently do you see this issue come up in your practice and how effective are the strategies for overcoming?

Almost everyone I work with has issues in their life big or small that can be improved. It is rarely ever just about the food. The strategies are very effective when they are practiced on a daily basis. Like learning any new skill, it takes practice on a daily basis to connect your eating habits and your emotions. It is not about will power; it is about taking an honest look at your life and what is working and what is not. Once you fill some of the gaps, a natural shift will occur in your relationship with food.

Sherri Sacconaghi is a Certified Health Coach and Fitness Trainer. She received her training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and is certified by the American Association of Drugless practitioners and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She works in Portland and has a private practice, coaching clients on how to reach their goals for health, weight loss and stress reduction. Additionally, she presents workshops and lectures on living a healthy, balanced life. Please contact her for more information at

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Benefits of Reflexology with Nancie Hines

Posted on 17 January 2012 by Jason

Reflexology is bodywork that allows someone to relax deeply and let go of the tension between their ears and across their shoulders.

Imagine someone working on your feet or hands for an hour and you relaxing, fully clothed, in a comfortable position so you can let go of what’s on your agenda even for an hour. The feet and hands are mini-maps of one’s entire body. By using thumb and finger movement and pressure on the feet and hands, a reflexologist can increase circulation and oxygen throughout a person’s entire system, bringing balance, renewal and healing.

Reflexology is not massage because the palpation actually stimulates and decongests the entire body. People with headaches and sinus trouble may get relief in minutes. Those with stiff necks can feel how much looser their necks are at the end of a session. People report back they sleep extremely well the night after a session. Often people will say their feet feel so good they don’t want to walk on them. A well-trained reflexologist knows how to boost hormonal reflexes, spinal and respiratory reflexes as well as digestive and elimination reflexes all through the bottom of one’s feet or hands.

If you like your hands or feet worked on, you’re a good candidate for reflexology and its de-stressing nature.

Portland Reflexology is located in Multnomah Village in SW Portland. For more information, visit

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Health Benefits of Thai Massage – Charles Sharp LMT

Posted on 17 January 2012 by Jason

Thai massage is essentially “an Eastern style of massage with a long list of health benefits,” says Charles Sharp, LMT. He adds that health is “a progressive movement towards physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, also known as balance.”

Thai bodywork takes place on a mat with the person receiving the treatment fully clothed. The receiver will be positioned four ways: face up, face down, on their side, and sitting up. In these four body placements, a series of muscle press and stretch techniques is applied to facilitate a more relaxed muscle state, which means decreasing one’s overall stress buildup. This work alleviates tightness in common problem areas, including the pelvis, back, knees and neck. As a result, one’s body becomes much more flexible, and the range of motion exponentially increases.

Thai massage also has a very cleansing effect on the body’s blood system. Circulatory technique, or artery compression, detoxifies areas of the body that, due to gravity, have a hard time getting rid of the bad stuff. In addition, this work stimulates receptors in one’s circulatory system and then messages the receptors to minimize the workload on the heart.

Touch is the only way a person can maintain a normal plane of existence. Touch will allow a person to console, let go, or just feel good about their experiences in life. Prolonged touch in Thai massage is simply revitalizing.

Sharp, of Intrabodyspaces, located at 833 SE Main, Portland, can be reached at 920-268-8867.

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Pearl Health Center, Portland – Now Offers a Pre-Paid Health Plan

Posted on 17 January 2012 by Jason

Being able to afford healthcare is a challenge for most Americans. Costs are only going up, even for the simplest problem. Worse, the average premium excludes many services the public is asking for such as acupuncture, massage, and naturopathy. Furthermore, it takes a linguist to understand terms such as “co-payment, co-insurance, or deductible.” Our country is fighting over how the health insurance industry will function.
In this turmoil, the private citizen is not waiting. In increasing numbers people are searching out low cost “options” frequently less expensive than their own insurance. Not only can they get the exact services they want, but they will know what their costs are and budget accordingly.
The Pearl Health Center has been offering Integrated Medicine for the last seven years. They are the only clinic in Portland that offers such a wide variety of services in one location: Family Practice, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Mental Health, Massage and Travel Medicine all under one roof.
Their new Pre-Paid Plan allows for six visits a year, to see any of their highly skilled providers, in any combination of visits, for one deeply reduced price of $500. The focus of their plan is to help the consumer assess their needs, care for their immediate concerns and prevent disease in the future. The goal is a true partnership with the consumer. It covers any out-patient service that is offered in the clinic.
To learn more, give the Pearl Health Center a call or visit

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Translate Readings into Action with Garden Reading Group

Posted on 10 January 2012 by Jason

Tired of reading stacks of books to find out how to move your garden ahead? Garden Reading Group, hosted by Independence Gardens, welcomes participants on most Thursdays from October through the end of February to share reading reactions and responses in order to develop strategies for “growing” forward.
Reading Group is a great opportunity to get together with others interested in growing their own healthy, organic food to discuss books focused on incorporating edibles into all types of yards and gardens. Participants leave Reading Group knowing how to translate someone else’s garden experience or advice into making progress in their own garden space.
Readings range from how-to manuals to garden-based fiction, with an emphasis on translating others’ advice into hands-on progress. Generally, the discussion is focused on one short selection (a chapter, article, etc.) per session, but sometimes it takes multiple sessions to discuss a single work, such as Robert Kourik’s Designing and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape Naturally, coming up on January 19 and 26.

Garden Reading Group meets at 11am at Rain City Coffee on NE 41st Ave., Portland. For more information, visit


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Free Natural Awakenings App Now Available

Posted on 10 January 2012 by Jason

Keeping in touch with the best choices for a green and healthy lifestyle is now easier than ever, thanks to Natural Awakenings’ new iPhone and iPad app, available as a free download at Apple’s iTunes App Store. Individuals on the go can find products, practitioners and services dedicated to healthy living, right at their fingertips. They can also read articles on the latest practical, natural approaches to nutrition, fitness, creative expression, personal growth and sustainable living, offered by national experts with fresh perspectives.
The exclusive app instantly connects to user-friendly galleries: “Local Magazines” includes a searchable listing of all Natural Awakenings franchise publishers, with instant links to phone numbers and websites. “National Directory” lists healthy, green businesses, resources and services, complete with directions. “This Month” shows the current national magazine content, always fresh and new. “Healthy Kids” is a collection of how-to articles that focus on raising, nurturing and empowering vibrant children.“Natural Pets” offers an information resource dedicated to holistic well-being for companion animals. “Article Archives,” a comprehensive library of thousands of articles, is searchable by key words. “En Español” features an archive of current and historical articles in Spanish.

To download the free app, search “Natural Awakenings” in the iTunes App Store or visit


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Oasis Resource Center Opens in Vancouver

Posted on 10 January 2012 by Jason

The newly opened Oasis Resource Center is a welcome addition to downtown Vancouver’s ever-growing alternative health scene. Volunteer members of The Alkaline Body Association run the Center, implementing the most effective alkalizing techniques available today such as diet, exercise, de-stressing techniques and the most “essential” thing ‑ using alkaline antioxidant re-structured water on a daily basis.
The Center will be offering many educational classes including a regular Alkaline Water class (every Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m.), classes on a raw food diet, immunization awareness, building a strong immune system, edible wild harvest foods and more.
Memberships currently start as low as $5 for a trial membership or $25 for a full year’s membership. The membership includes, one month of FREE Alkaline Antioxidant, re-structured water, access to a Health and Wellness library, The Taba Times Newsletter online and an ongoing series of classes.
A special grand opening week is scheduled for the first week of February, culminating with a grand opening event on Saturday, February 4.

Volunteers are available to answer questions Monday through Friday, 10am-6pm, and Saturday, 10am-4pm. The Oasis Resource Center is located at 1709 Broadway, Vancouver, WA. Phone 360-980-8185.


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Free Wellness Workshops and Classes

Posted on 10 January 2012 by Jason

Offered as an outreach to the community so that everybody has the opportunity to make 2012 their best year yet, Ann Adams, certified health coach, will be offering free wellness workshops and classes throughout January.
Adams uses a coaching format that enables each person to extract the knowledge, wisdom, experience and intuition that already resides within oneself. This can help people set goals, identify obstacles and implement new behaviors while eliminating unwanted habits.
Class topics will include a mindful eating workshop, goal setting workshop and a group health coaching session, among others. Workshops and classes will be held at 15487 Brianne Ct., Lake Oswego (just off I-5 & 217).

Visit for more information.


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North Portland Wellness Center spotlight

Posted on 02 January 2012 by Jason

The North Portland Wellness Center (NPWC), the recipient of a record nine Natural Awakenings Awards this year, was voted the best in holistic healthcare, women’s health, and chiropractic to name just a few. How did they do it? Read on for some insight into why so many readers voted for them.
Driven by a strong vision to create a sustainably built, multi-disciplinary clinic in the North Portland area, founders and owners Annabelle Snow and Lili Scott purchased an old, condemned four square on North Vancouver Avenue in May of 2005 and began work. The walls were crumbing, the roof barely covered the structure below and blackberries had taken over the property! Today, the clinic is truly a place of healing. Their intention to create a warm, welcoming, healing environment is evident in the attention to detail you find throughout the building, both inside and out.
At the core of their value system is the fundamental belief in sustainable practices. It’s a theme you see running through everything they create. For instance, the majority of the products used in renovating the building were reclaimed or green certified materials. They also sport a rainwater harvesting system while solar panels cover the southwest portion of the roof. Their dedication to sustainability flows into their business practices and work environment as well. In fact, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability has honored them with the Blue Works and Recycle at Work awards since they opened their doors in 2007.
The owners lead a team of acupuncturists, chiropractors and massage therapists, a synergistic combination that offers the most comprehensive treatment plan, maximizing the likelihood of complete healing/resolution of most complaints. They offer individualized treatments, including nutritional support, herbs and supplements, lifestyle counseling, diet, exercise and stretching regimens.
Their practice scope is broad, specializing in issues from auto accidents, work injuries and pain-related issues to women’s health concerns, fertility enhancement and support through all stages of pregnancy. They also offer whole family care, including digestive complaints and immune support to name just a few.
Also noteworthy is that they offer full service insurance billing from calling to verify whether or not a patient has benefits to billing the company directly. They provide service through every step of the process.


Find out for yourself why the NPWC is such a favorite – join them for a Year of the Dragon Open House on Monday, January 30, 5-7pm.


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