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7 Talents Point to Genius, Fulfilling Careers and Easy Ways to Work Together

Posted on 01 October 2015 by Jason

“I would much rather work with you than against you. I would much rather work with me than against me,” says Laureli Shimayo, of ThriveWise.
Most of us, however, have no idea how many ways we work against each other and ourselves all the time, and we still carry around masking—ways we learned to get love and attention in childhood that aren’t true of who we really are. Masking requires more effort, leaves us exhausted, produces inferior results and is often annoying.
The best model for helping people discover their purpose and authenticity, choose careers they love and are most successful at, and work (really play) together collaboratively and synergistically are the 7 Talents. Each person has three of the 7 Talents that together point towards their Genius. Every Talent has gifts and contributes great value. When we know our Genius, we have a map of our purpose that shows what we most love and why, how we can do everything easily and naturally, and how to leverage our personal and professional growth. When all the members of a team know their Genius, they know how to honor and appreciate each other and collaborate most effectively.
The trick is to identify which Talents are authentic for each person and which are masking. Shimayo provides Genius Assessments as a Hiring Consultant, Career Coach, Life Coach and Matchmaker.

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