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Experience the Touch of Awakening at the Movement Center PDX

Posted on 26 March 2014 by Jason

Shaktipat is an ancient technique for awakening consciousness through contact with a powerful energy resource. Shaktipat brings about a deep change in awareness. This change arouses your innermost potential, bringing you into contact with the freedom and creative power that is the source of everything.
Receiving shaktipat can bring benefits on all levels: increasing your vitality, releasing deeply held mental tensions, uplifting you emotionally, and expanding your consciousness. It begins a process of unfolding that can profoundly change your life.
Opportunities to experience authentic shaktipat are rare. The Movement Center is offering a program of shaktipat in Portland May 9 through 11. During this weekend, Swami Chetanananda (“Swamiji”) will be giving shaktipat individually to everyone present. He will use the classical method of “touch,” usually on the head or heart chakra, to awaken kundalini energy and begin a natural process of spiritual transformation.
The weekend begins with a free introduction on Friday, May 9 at 6:30 p.m. to explain more about the process of shaktipat and an energy-based meditation practice. The Saturday and Sunday programs include talks by Swamiji, guided meditation and shaktipat transmission.
American-born Swami Chetanananda founded The Movement Center community over 40 years ago and is its spiritual director. He is a master of kundalini meditation in the lineage of Bhagavan Nityananda. The author of numerous books on spiritual practice, he is known for making ancient traditions accessible and relevant to contemporary life.

For more information, call 503-231-0383 or visit

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