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Fall Tune-Up—Inner Sourcing Your Entire Life

Posted on 13 November 2012 by Jason

As we move into fall and begin to find this new rhythm of the season, perhaps it’s also a good time to move within.
In her practice as a Holistic Psychotherapist and Creative Consultant for individuals and couples, clients of Katje Wagner, PhD, DipIPW find that regular “inner tune-ups” can be relieving, reviving and truly restore their connection with themselves, helping them find the wisdom and momentum for whatever is next on the horizon of life.
Maybe the change in weather as the days darken is bringing on more difficult moods. Perhaps that job or relationship has finally gotten to the place where it’s apparent that something needs to change. Or maybe there’s just the sense that something is calling and it’s time to discover more about what that is.
Whether for seasonal “inner tune-ups,” regular sessions or just a steady companion when the need arises, Wagner is available and offers free phone consultations.
For more information, visit, call 503-313-5733 or email

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