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Henna Hair Color House Calls: Newest Twist in All Natural Hair Care

Posted on 01 October 2015 by Jason

When it comes to all natural hair color, no matter how eco-savvy the stylist or the salon, there are few choices as organic and naturally beautiful as henna. There are also very few salons and stylists who offer henna hair color services to clients as the all-natural hair color can be a bit of a messy, time consuming process.
In response to high demand for henna services and personalized care, longtime Portland stylist Stephanya Portukalian is now offering henna hair color services on a house-call basis to help mitigate the time, expense and confusion for clients who would otherwise attempt to fumble through the henna application process, often leaving the dye job looking less than professional.
“Henna has very simple but specific application and aftercare considerations, and I have found that henna on a house-call basis is much more client-friendly than running around town with a plastic bag on your head wrapped in a scarf for several hours after dashing out of the salon,” explains Portukalian.
Services include henna consultation and application, cutting and styling. Clients simply prepare for a henna house call visit from Portukalian by answering the door with clean, damp hair ready for application in a designated chair or area of the home. The henna sets in the hair for several hours; then the client can easily rinse away any residual plant residue for a professional shine.
To inquire about house-call henna for the hair, contact Stephanya Portukalian at 503-943-9409.

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