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Locally Owned Retailer Opens Third Store

Posted on 25 October 2011 by Jason

After much anticipation, independent shoe retailer, When The Shoe Fits, opened its third store in the Grand Central Shopping Center, Vancouver, in October. With its focus on women’s and men’s premium comfort shoe brands and staff trained in addressing most common foot problems, the company has enjoyed strong growth since opening their first store in 2004.
Stores owner, Amy and Alan O’Hara’s long careers in the shoe industry prepared them to cater to what proved to be a large customer base that not only values high quality footwear, but also appreciates being fitted by someone who really knows their product and can adjust shoes and inserts properly to help alleviate or prevent sore feet.
With this new and larger location, the couple is excited about their ability to enhance and grow categories of footwear that they feel are under served in the local market. Alan’s feeling is, “I think customers would love to have the chance to buy all their shoes from people who can really fit them and know feet too. Athletic, outdoor and dress are things that we can expand on now that we have this nice big space.” Amy agreed that, “Women in our area know us for having super comfortable shoes for any occasion. We don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort so we’re always looking for new lines that can be dressy but still comfortable.”

When The Shoe Fits other stores are in Fisher’s Landing and Salmon Creek. For directions go to


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