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Naturopathic Physicians and Therapeutic Yogis Celebrate Ayurveda

Posted on 19 April 2012 by Jason

Northwest Yoga Therapy Collaborative (NWYTC), along with its host site, National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM), welcomes Dr. Vivek Shanbhag, N.D., MD (Ayu), BAMS, CYEd., on Sunday, April 29, for a seminar offered to health care practitioners and yoga therapists. This renowned naturopathic and Ayurvedic physician from India will discuss Ayurvedic doshas and strategies to customize diet, herbs and health routines for specific body types.
“Through an Ayurvedic diet, I have been able to prevent the recurrence of cancer,” says Ann Wagoner, a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner in Portland. “Ayurveda is a complete approach to health that balances mind, body and spirit.”
Dr. Shanbhag’s inspiring and informative lectures have led to the formation of several schools of Ayurveda in this country, Japan and India. For 17 years, he served as the founder and director of the Ayurvedic Wellness Center—an academy, clinic and spa in Seattle.
Popularity of Ayurveda is increasing in Oregon. Just as yoga’s popularity has increased over the last decades, Ayurveda has become more of a household term. Dr. Shanbhag will discuss the science of Ayurveda at NCNM on April 29, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The day’s program features a pre-seminar yoga class from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., as well as an Ayurvedic lunch. Open to physicians, healthcare practitioners and yoga instructors. Naturopathic doctors earn 7.0 CEUs for attendance.

Physicians and health practitioners register at or call 503-552-1517. Yoga instructors register at

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