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Portland Area Scenes in Book by Local Author

Posted on 01 October 2015 by Jason

Local author Barry L. Becker’s book, The Ericksen Connection, is dedicated to the brave American men and women in uniform who risk their lives to protect our country and our freedom.
The story focuses on America’s engagement in the Middle East and the enormous cost in blood and treasure to the United States. The protagonist, Mark Ericksen, a Navy SEAL platoon leader, takes command during a Taliban ambush in the mountains of Afghanistan in 2002.With Delta and SEALS dead and wounded, he is ordered by his deputy commander to kill his Afghan translator, based on alleged intel he is a Taliban spy. Ericksen initially resists but his commander says he has Agency de-coded encryption proving it is true. Ericksen complies with the order and kills the man only later to find out the colonel lied to him.
The book highlights the perpetual military mindset America has developed over the years and at times fails to understand the Middle East politics, religious tensions and the horrific damage the invasion of Iraq caused for the region.
The novel is a good read and riveting page-turner about betrayal, PTSD, corruption, conspiracy, murder and terrorism. It is also the story about the challenges a highly decorated military veteran faces as he moves on with his life. Many scenes and chapters described are in the greater Portland area—West Linn, Lake Oswego, Portland, Lincoln City, Wilsonville and Tualatin.

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