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Spring Cleaning: A Holistic Approach in the Northwest

Posted on 04 May 2014 by Jason

Wellspring n_b Image for May '14In the Pacific Northwest, spring has arrived. Grey skies have been replaced with sunshine, warmer temperatures, blooming flowers and intermittent days of rain that make everything green and lush. Spring is also the time associated with cleaning up what’s accumulated over the colder winter months on all levels—physical, environmental, mental and spiritual. Transitioning from winter’s hibernation mode to spring activity means letting go of dusty boxes, a sluggish liver, bad habits or whatever else weighs you down.
Taking a holistic approach to spring cleaning starts with nutrition. In spring, the diet begins a transition from heartier, warmer fare such as stews and crock-pot recipes, to lighter, upward moving foods such as tender spring shoots and veggies. Juicers come out as gentle cleanses are instituted.
The longer daylight hours also inspire increased physical activities. While mindful movement practices such as yoga, tai chi or qigong are great to pursue year-round, they can be especially helpful in awakening our minds and bodies to the spring season.
One perfect place to seek support for your holistic spring cleaning is The Wellspring School for Healing Arts. The school offers ongoing community classes in tai chi and qigong, as well as nutrition and holistic health, and enrollment for the next Amma Therapy program starting in September just opened. Grounded in Chinese Medicine, Amma Therapy combines nutrition, herbs, Asian bodywork and mindful movement.
For more information, visit or call 503.688.1482.

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