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Top Five Reasons to Love Breast Thermography

Posted on 01 May 2017 by Douglas Merrow

Radiant Body Thermography, located in northwest Portland, suggests five reasons to love breast thermography.

  1. Detects Inflammatory Breast Cancer, a fast-growing, lethal cancer possessing a heat signature not seen with mammography.
  2. No compression! Thermography scans are performed with a “no contact” camera that detects detailed heat patterns. Mammography uses 44 pounds of pressure; it takes only 22 pounds of pressure to burst the capsule of a tumor.
  3. No radiation! Thermography is safe, capturing the heat the body emits with a lens; nothing is “beamed” into the body. Radiant Body Thermography learned in 2005, in the seventh Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation report by the National Academies of Science that even low levels of non-ionizing radiation (used in mammograms) are “known human carcinogens” with “no known safe levels.”
  4. Extra information. Imbalances such as rapid cell growth, thyroid dysfunction and estrogen dominance have unique “signatures” that can be detectable in a breast scan.
  5. An ally in avoiding unnecessary biopsies and over-treatment. Thermography offers a safe, non-invasive procedure that is a valuable adjunct in determining whether a lesion is benign (statistically “cool”) or malignant (statistically “hot”). By ignoring or excluding information about a lesion’s “thermal signature”, aggressive treatment is more easily justified and employed by a profit-driven medical system.
    “Love your lumps and know their thermal signatures before justifying aggressive, invasive testing and treatment,” suggests Candace Parmer, certified clinical thermographer in Portland’s Pearl District. She adds, “Most lumps I scan have cool signatures.”

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